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Golf Wood-Cased Pencils


Ticonderoga® Golf Pencils can be used for standardized tests, survey forms, lottery kiosks, church pews, questionnaires, compasses and more. These pencils are 3.5” in length, come pre-sharpened, and include a top quality, latex-free eraser. #2 HB grade graphite core. PMA certified non-toxic.

  • Exclusive #2 graphite formula provides extra smooth performance, ideal for standardized tests
  • Great for golfers, surveys, lotteries, church pews, questionnaires, etc.
  • Pre-sharpened to save you time
  • Top quality, latex-free eraser provides easy, clean corrections
  • PMA certified non-toxic


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Choose Your Size

Ticonderoga pencils are available in three sizes. In addition to our standard pencil size, we offer two larger sizes specifically designed to make it easier for little hands to grip.

  • Primary

    My First

    13/32" Diameter

  • Intermediate


    11/32" Diameter

  • Standard

    1/4" Diameter

Choose Your Number

The number on the side of each Ticonderoga pencil indicates the degree of hardness of the writing core. The higher the number, the harder the core and the lighter the mark.

#1 Extra Soft

#2 Soft

#2.5 Medium

#3 Hard

#4 Extra Hard

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