August 14, 2023

The pencil. From first letters to final thesis, the pencil is an essential staple of any classroom. But did you know there are different pencils designed for each stage of writing development? It’s true! Ticonderoga® offers three different types of pencil: My First, Laddie®, and the standard #2. As we prepare for another school year, let’s take a look at what each of these pencils has to offer.

Just like it sounds, the My First collection of pencils are designed for children ages three and up, who are just beginning to write. The large 13/32-inch diameter is easy for little hands to grip and control. The My First pencils come in two lengths: regular and short. The short pencil is particularly attuned for little hands, as it eliminates the potentially clumsy counterweight created by a full-length pencil. Not only that, My First pencils are also available in both round and triangular shapes. The triangular option promotes the proper tripod grip, which beginners may find helpful as they practice their technique. All the My First variations are engineered to give kids the best start possible on their writing development journey.

The Laddie® is our next step up. Featuring a 11/32-inch diameter, this pencil is a bit slimmer than the My First collection, but thicker than a standard #2, providing a natural stepping stone between them. Most kids will be ready for this stage between the ages of four to eight. Much like its grown-up counterpart, the Laddie® includes the same #2 graphite formula for smooth performance. It is available in both round and triangular, which again promotes the proper tripod grip.

Around the age of eight, most kids will be ready to graduate to our standard #2 pencil with a 9/32-inch diameter. As the most frequently requested pencil by schools, Ticonderoga’s #2 comes in either hexagonal or triangular shapes, both of which feature a smooth performance – perfect for note taking, essay writing, and more.

All three of these pencil styles include special features that make Ticonderoga The World’s Best Pencil®. They’re constructed of premium wood from responsibly managed forests and engineered to sharpen easily with minimal breakage. They also include a silky lacquer coating for a soft smooth feel, as well as a glued-in eraser that can stand up to the most rigorous *ahem* editing. All these features come standard in all three pencil types because Ticonderoga believes in high-quality supplies for users of all ages.

Writing is a key skill not only for school, but for the rest of our lives. It gives us the power to express ourselves academically and creatively. Give your students the right tools to unlock their self-expression with the best pencil for where they’re at along their writing development journey with Ticonderoga.

Pencil Makes Perfect