Use #PostForPencils between June 1-30 and Ticonderoga will donate 20 pencils to Kids In Need Foundation®.


Use #PostForPencils between June 1-30 and Ticonderoga will donate 20 pencils to Kids In Need Foundation.

Why Pencils are So Important

Most requested items by teachers from the Kids in Need Foundation Impact Survey

We asked Teachers about the Power of the Pencil.

In the age of digital convenience, physical writing is neglected. Some of my students forgot how a pencil even felt like when they returned! Pencils are an accessible and universal tool for communication and the symbol for education. This is what pencils are important to me and my students.

Pencils are life in 2nd grade – a pencil gives our thoughts a voice, they teach responsibility, and they are symbolic of all things learning and love…. They even smell good!! Oh a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils smells like promise!!!

The best stories start at the tip of a pencil!

Pencils are the beginning of something beautiful. Erasures are proof of progress.

The Power of the Pencil

Every great work of art, story, innovation or idea started with a vision, a pencil, and a blank sheet of paper.

The Science Behind the Pencil!

“As a former writing teacher, I can tell you that pencils are absolutely critical to growing excellent writers. From their earliest days, students doing copy work where they sit down with a great piece of writing and physically copy it with a pencil; they’re building neuropathways straight up their hand, up to their brain, and they’re wiring themselves to recognize good grammar, good vocabulary, and strong sentence structure. And that’s true in any subject. The act of physically writing builds neuropathways and builds new knowledge banks in their brains they can use to strengthen their education. A pencil is a crucial tool. It does things that a laptop or an iPad can’t do.”

– Lora Fanning, Kids In Need Foundation

About Dixon Ticonderoga

In addition to sponsoring #PostForPencils, Dixon Ticonderoga Company has donated more than $5M worth of essential school supplies to Kids in Need Foundation since 2019 … and we’re not stopping there. Please help us get to 3 million pencils again in 2022!

About Kids In Need Foundation

For more than 25 years, Kids In Need Foundation (KINF) has provided school supplies and learning resources to the most underserved schools. KINF serves an estimated 5 million students, 205,000 teachers, and provides more than $70 million in product through their National Network of Resource Centers. These are places where teachers can ‘shop’ for school supplies. All product donated through KINF will ALWAYS be free for teachers nationwide … they will never pay a dime.

Learn more about KINF and consider supporting their mission here.

Dixon Ticonderoga Company is the proud Presenting Sponsor of National Network of Resource Centers.